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UDID Registration

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    Your UDID Registration is instantly processed after the purchase.
    To get things started input your UDID below and complete the payment.

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    Unlike other sites we won't force you to register a user account or go through a long cart checkout. Just input your UDID below and pay, that's all!

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    We're offering one of the most affordable UDID Registration prices on the market, a small price to pay to get your hands on iOS 10.2 Beta before most other people.

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  • UDID Registration & Activation are instantly done right after the purchase. Our system is fully automated and allows instant activation right after the purchase! You'll be able to install and run iOS 10.2 Beta on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as soon as possible. You won't have to wait for the UDID Registration and you can start Exploring all the new Features of iOS 10.2 Beta right away.
  • No user registration or long cart checkout process required. We don't want to waste your precious time by forcing you to register a user account on our website or by going through a long cart checkout process before you can finally register your UDID. On our website you just input your UDID and you're taken to PayPal to finish the payment, and that's all, only takes a few clicks.
  • Secure Payment Via PayPal. Unlike some other UDID Registration sites that just ask you for your credit card details (some not even being secured), all our payments are handled securely by PayPal, you don't even need a PayPal account since PayPal can accept all major credit or debit cards securely on their site.
  • Real Time tracking of your order. Once you place an order you will be able to track it in real time, you'll be able to see when the order was placed, when it was activated, how long activation took and when your UDID will expire (1 year from the registration date).
  • Email confirmation. Our system will immediately notify you via email once your UDID has been registered so you can know that it's OK to go ahead and install iOS 10.2 Beta on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Considering that all our UDID Registrations are done automatically and instantly, you should expect this email to get to your Inbox within 1-2minutes after you place the order.
  • Fast Download Links. You've waited long enough a whole year for a new iOS version, no need to wait any longer. You can quickly download iOS 10.2 Beta directly from our mirrors, which can be accessed exclusively by our clients, in order to maintain an awesome download speed.


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