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A look at all new features of iOS 9 Beta 2

[ Posted on: 2015-06-26 ]

While Apple had launched the iOS 9 some time back, the second beta update of the app was released to developers only last week.

There may not be any groundbreaking changes or great improvements from the earlier OS, but there are definitely a number of nifty changes to have been made. While some of these changes seem useful, others make very little difference to usage or performance.

In this article, we will take a look at everything that is new in the iOS9 Beta, second release, which was not seen in the earlier releases of the OS.

iOS 9 Beta 2 was only recently released by Apple

Steps involved in upgrading to iOS 9

The iOS9 version was released by Apple in June 2015 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. In order to upgrade to the latest version of iOS, users need to first download and then install iOS beta on to their devices. There are several steps involved in this process, including:

  • New icon

The podcasts app sports a new icon. While the color scheme to be used in the app is the same as earlier, on the home screen of iOS9 Beta, the app seems to stand out a lot more.

  • Apple Watch Companion app

While there has been no change to the app or the look and feel of it, the name of the Apple Watch Companion app has been changed to just “Watch”.

Apple Watch Companion app renamed to Watch

  • Better search

The search feature has been greatly improved in iOS9 Beta. While it definitely feels faster, an obvious change is that more results are displayed on the screen.

  • Low power mode

The description for the low power mode has been updated in the Beta version of iOS 9, although no change seems to have been done to the functions or the settings of low power mode.

  • News app on iCloud

While the iCloud features an all new News app, the app has still not debuted on the market. Expected to be functional this fall, users wait to see what this app has to offer.

  • New Safari settings

There are two new options to have been added to Safari stings, allowing users to either show or hide the favorites bar. The options for content blocking has however been removed.

  • Handoff

When multitasking on the new iOS 9 Beta, the Handoff switcher is automatically launched.

  • Tweaks to the iPad keyboard

The iPad on screen keyboard sports new handy buttons controlling the functions of copy, cut and paste.

These are some of the features of iOS 9 Beta 2 that were earlier not present in the first beta version. By the looks of it, this updated OS seems to be a tad faster and smoother than its predecessor. While there may not be any dramatic changes to have taken place, these little updates and subtle additions definitely seem to have improved the performance of the latest iOS.