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A sneak peek at what iOS 9 brings with it

[ Posted on: 2015-08-03 ]

Apple unveiled the latest version of the iOS earlier in June this year. While the OS is supposed to see an official launch sometime around September, developers have already landed their hands on it. iOS 9 is being touted as the most advanced and best OS to be offered by Apple.

Compatibility of Apple devices with iOS 9

Here are some facts about the latest iOS:

  • Who can upgrade to iOS 9

While Apple is expected to be officially launching the latest version of the iOS in September this year, the betas of iOS 9 are already out. Users using Apple mobile devices containing the A5 processor or upwards, should be able to upgrade to the new OS without any problems. This basically means that all iPhones upwards from the 4S, all iPads upwards from iPad 2 and the iPad Minis as also the iPod fifth generation can be upgraded to the latest iOS.

  • New features of Apple Music

Apple had acquired Beats Electronics about a year back from now and it is expected that Apple Music features will be rolled out with the official launch of the latest OS. While US based users will be able to merge their existing iTunes and Beats Music accounts, users in other parts of the world will have to wait for this feature to be made available to them.

  • Split screen support

iOS 9 is not only faster and smarter than any other previous version of iOS, but it is also much smoother and easier to use. iOS 9 will have multitasking support and split screen, picture in picture and other display forms will be featured once users update their iPads to the latest OS.

  • Support for Force touch

Force Touch is a feature which was earlier observed only on the Apple Watch, MacBook and MacBook Pro. However, with iOS 9, this feature is expected to be seen across iPhones, iPods and iPads as well. Force touch enables users to access different functions by varying the pressure of touch on a surface.

  • Better security system

One of the biggest changes that iOS 9 demonstrates from its predecessors is that the security systems seem to have been beefed up. This aspect of increased security can be seen everywhere, ranging from the iCloud, to passcodes used for unlocking devices. Another feature related to security is trusted Wi-Fi which allows devices to undergo encrypted connections when connecting to a new or unknown router.

  • Apple Proactive

Apple Proactive is one of the most talked about features of the latest iOS. A dramatic improvement on the spotlight search which was featured earlier, Proactive also offers instant results to a user based on app usage. Proactive also has the ability to integrate with Siri and other third party apps.

  • Apple Pay

While Apple Pay has been around for a while now, there are many rumors of Apple introducing attractive rewards schemes so as to incentivize users to use the feature more. Whether this will be implemented or not, only time will tell.

A sneak peek at the all new iOS 9