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ActivateMyBeta is now UDIDRegistration - same quality, different name

[ Posted on: 2015-07-13 ]

is now


We've decided to change our domain name from ActivateMyBeta.COM to!

No need to worry though, we're keeping the same service quality as before, loved by thousands of clients every year.

Even though the domain name has changed, everything else will remain exactly the same as before:
- Instant UDID Registration (done in about one minute after payment is completed!)
- 24/7 support, we answer all support requests within 24 hours (usually within less than 4 hours)
- the same easy to use, no registration website, it literally takes you no more than 30 seconds to get your UDID registered on our website
- the latest beta downloads always available on our Downloads Page, served from our own servers with fast download speed
- the same affordable UDID Registration price as always!

If you have any question or just want to get in touch, be sure to contact us right away, we're always happy to talk to our clients!