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Here is why the Fingerprint Security is so flawed but nobody really cares

[ Posted on: 2015-06-17 ]


In the age where big companies fight for 'innovation' supremacy, it would seem that every new idea, may it be good or bad, is being turned into a new feature.


Shortly after Apple introduced their Fingerprint Security, Samsung and other surely blindly followed. And it gets even worse, even though it was pointed out to all of them that the Fingerprint Security is very weak and has critical flaws, they all kept pushing on forward on developing it, slapping it on every one of their flagship devices, and it has now reached the point where your credit card can be charged based on this technology with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay leading the way.


You might ask yourself why is this such a bad thing. Well, you are only focusing on the pros and not the cons of this feature, only because obviously just the pros were presented and advertised to you by these companies.


So lets take a look at the pros of having Fingerprint security on your device. Considering the technology has advanced so much lately where you don't have to scan your finger ten times to make it to work once, it is very easy for you to use your finger to unlock or approve a payment. Not to mention that you will always have your fingers with you wherever you go, so you won't ever forget your "unlocking key" anywhere like you can, for instance, forget your car keys somewhere.



The Fingerprint Security is advertised to the users as the safest means of protecting your data and your credit card payments, but it actually is far from it as you will see below when we start exploring the cons of this technology. You might already know from countless movies or TV Shows, fingerprints are actually not hard to steal at all, and yes, that is not a movie gimmick or lie, it's actually very true. Not to mention your device is already filled with your fingerprints all over it, because you hold it and touch it with your hands every day. So, basically if your device gets stolen and the thief is very committed to breaching your security they have everything they need right there, on the surface of your device, the fingerprint scanner which needs your fingerprints which are plastered everywhere on the device surface. Furthermore, fingerprints are, as you all know, not changeable. What do you do if one of your passwords gets compromised? You change it as soon as possible, of course. But what can you do if your fingerprint will be compromised? Nothing, since you can't change it and you'll have to keep using your old compromised one.


Despite all these big red flags, Apple and Samsung and lots who follow keep on implementing and developing features based on the Fingerprint Security system.


Unlocking your device and paying with it using your fingerprint may seem secure and easy to do, but please remember the facts stated above before starting to use this feature as your main security system, because it is very flawed and not secure at all.