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A brief look at what iOS 9 has to offer

[ Posted on: 2015-09-17 ]

Apple’s latest version of the iOS, iOS 9 was launched earlier this year. Touted to be one of the most refined operating systems to be launched by the company, the latest version of iOS did not include too much of a design overhaul or addition of any new widgets. However, this still has the prospects of boasting to be the best and most exciting version of iOS yet.

Apple’s latest iOS 9 sure promises a lot

What this version of iOS brings to the users is a smoother and a faster experience, better security features and a slightly improved battery life. While these features by themselves make upgrading to this OS worth it, there are plenty of other reasons to do so as well.

Siri is definitely more intelligent and Apple has also introduced Proactive, which offers tips and suggestions to users based on their daily usage of apps. With this move, Apple has made it clear that iOS is not just getting faster and easier to use, but it is also getting smarter. The search screen has also been revamped and helpful suggestions for apps, contacts and much more are displayed. Siri also provides instant search results for stocks, sports scores, weather and more.

For iPads, iOS 9 brings many new features for multitasking, including split views, slide overs, picture in picture and much more. With this step, rumors that Apple might be planning on launching an iPad Pro sometime in the future have stormed the internet.

There is also a new app called News which is included in this version of iOS. Akin to Flipboard, News will offer picture based news items to users. The app has not debuted yet and is expected to do so in fall this year.

Passcodes in this version of iOS have been updated to included six digits, offering users better security. Some of the other highlights of iOS 9 include a much better and concise Wallet app, a more powerful app for Notes, a better low power mode and better transit directions inside the maps app. The latest version of the iOS boasts of having a smaller footprint than its predecessors, yet provides a much more responsive and a much quicker experience. As compared to iOS 8 of 5 GB, the update for iOS 9 is only 1.3 GB.

The new Notes App is much more powerful

If you want to upgrade your Apple device to the latest version of iOS, you will need to first register the UDID of your device with the Apple Developer Center. There are many ways of doing this and once your device ID is registered, you can download the update and install the latest beta version of the iOS.

With this latest version of iOS promising a lot, tons of people have upgraded to the latest OS and have lauded its performance and features. You can try upgrading to see for yourself why this version of iOS promises a lot.