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How to install iOS 10 via OTA Upgrades (over the air upgrades)

[ Posted on: 2016-06-13 ]

We've got some people reporting they have encountered 'error 14' when trying to install iOS 10 Beta via their iTunes.
When looking on the Apple Website, error 14 means there's something wrong with the USB connection between your computer and your iDevice.
These cases are quite isolated but it's clear that the issue isn't actually with the USB, but it's within the iOS 10 Beta itself, perhaps a bug somewhere.

In order to avoid this error you can install iOS 10 Beta by using the Configuration Profile from our Downloads page.
Simply install the profile onto your iDevice (instructions how to do so can also be found via a link on our Downloads page), and after you've got that installed you can go to Settings and access OTA (over the air) Upgrades, which should now be displaying the iOS 10 Upgrade as being available for you to install.

We have updated our installation page with clear instructions on how to install iOS 10 via OTA Upgrade: