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iOS 9 - the fastest and most efficient iOS from Apple yet

[ Posted on: 2015-08-06 ]

Apple has launched a new and unique feature in the iOS 9 Beta, which can be used to delete apps for a temporary period of time if memory space is required for system updates. While this feature requires user permissions to be turned on, once selected, this feature works like a charm. Users need not be worried about their apps getting removed permanently as the feature also takes care of reinstalling the apps later on.

iOS 9 boasts of being much faster and more efficient than predecessors

For starters, iOS 8 update had a size of 4.3 GB, which obviously posed a lot of problems for users of 8 GB and even 16 GB devices. While iOS 9 update is fortunately much smaller, at 1.3 GB, the fact that devices can temporarily delete apps, make space for updates and then reinstall apps is definitely a wonderful added plus. While the apps are temporarily removed from the device, once the system updates complete and there is sufficient space, the apps are automatically reinstalled back on to the device.

The iOS 9 was launched earlier this year, with a second beta update being released very recently. Already, developers and users who have had a chance to use the latest beta version of this operating system are lauding Apple's efforts and claiming that this is the smoothest, fastest and smartest iOS from Apple yet.

While Apple has focused on making the iOS more and more user friendly, it can also be easily noticed that Apple has steadily introduced many powerful and smart features into the operating system. This hints at Apple looking to make a comeback into the tablet market, with rumors of a possible new iPad Pro coming up in the future.

iOS 9 Beta features a much faster search, a much smoother interface, a better battery life and better security features. There are many other subtle changes to the design and some new apps to be introduced to the iCloud, all of which contribute towards making the iOS 9 different and better to use than its predecessors. The fact that Apple has managed to do all of this without being too intrusive on earlier features is commendable and the fact that they have managed to compress the size of the update to just over a GB is actually applause worthy.

iOS 9 sports all new designs

Users seeking to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS 9 Beta will need to first register the UDID of their specific devices. Once this is done, they can proceed to download the update and install it on their iPad, iPhone or iPod and access the latest version of the operating system.

Updating to the latest version of iOS is a simple process and it only takes a small amount of time. If you are up for it, follow a guide and you will have the latest and smartest version of iOS installed on your device in no time at all.