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  • How to install iOS 10 via OTA Upgrades (over the air upgrades)

    [ 2016-06-13 ]

    We've got some people reporting they have encountered 'error 14' when trying to install iOS 10 Beta via their iTunes.
    When looking on the Apple Website, error 14 means there's something wrong with the USB connection between your computer and your iDevice.
    These cases are quite isolated but it's clear that the issue isn't actually with the USB, but it's within the iOS 10 Beta itself, perhaps a bug somewhere.

    In order to avoid this error you can install iOS 10 Beta by using the Configuration Profile from our Downloads page.
    Simply install the profile onto your iDevice (instructions how to do so can also be found via a link on our Downloads page), and after you've got that installed you can go to Settings and access OTA (over the air) Upgrades, which should now be displaying the iOS 10 Upgrade as being available for you to install.

    We have updated our installation page with clear instructions on how to install iOS 10 via OTA Upgrade:

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  • A brief look at what iOS 9 has to offer

    [ 2015-09-17 ]

    Apple’s latest version of the iOS, iOS 9 was launched earlier this year. Touted to be one of the most refined operating systems to be launched by the company, the latest version of iOS did not include too much of a design overhaul or addition of any new widgets. However, this still has the prospects of boasting to be the best and most exciting version of iOS yet.

    Apple’s latest iOS 9 sure promises a lot

    What this version of iOS brings to the users is a smoother and a faster experience, better security features and a slightly improved battery life. While these features by themselves make upgrading to this OS worth it, there are plenty of other reasons to do so as well.

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  • iOS 9 - the fastest and most efficient iOS from Apple yet

    [ 2015-08-06 ]

    Apple has launched a new and unique feature in the iOS 9 Beta, which can be used to delete apps for a temporary period of time if memory space is required for system updates. While this feature requires user permissions to be turned on, once selected, this feature works like a charm. Users need not be worried about their apps getting removed permanently as the feature also takes care of reinstalling the apps later on.

    iOS 9 boasts of being much faster and more efficient than predecessors

    For starters, iOS 8 update had a size of 4.3 GB, which obviously posed a lot of problems for users of 8 GB and even 16 GB devices. While iOS 9 update is fortunately much smaller, at 1.3 GB, the fact that devices can temporarily delete apps, make space for updates and then reinstall apps is definitely a wonderful added plus. While the apps are temporarily removed from the device, once the system updates complete and there is sufficient space, the apps are automatically reinstalled back on to the device.

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  • A sneak peek at what iOS 9 brings with it

    [ 2015-08-03 ]

    Apple unveiled the latest version of the iOS earlier in June this year. While the OS is supposed to see an official launch sometime around September, developers have already landed their hands on it. iOS 9 is being touted as the most advanced and best OS to be offered by Apple.

    Compatibility of Apple devices with iOS 9

    Here are some facts about the latest iOS:

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  • Apple devices can be upgraded to iOS 9 beta by registering device UDID

    [ 2015-07-27 ]

    While iOS 8 has certainly been regarded as one of the most advanced operating systems around, Apple has gone a step further with the iOS 9 beta. Featuring the best of iOS 7 and iOS 8, the beta version of the latest OS boasts of much better functionality, design and performance.

    In this post, we will take a look at some of the basic steps that need to be taken in order to upgrade an iOS device to the latest version.

    The latest iOS 9 was released by Apple in June 2015

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  • ActivateMyBeta is now UDIDRegistration - same quality, different name

    [ 2015-07-13 ]


    is now


    We've decided to change our domain name from ActivateMyBeta.COM to!

    No need to worry though, we're keeping the same service quality as before, loved by thousands of clients every year.

    Even though the domain name has changed, everything else will remain exactly the same as before:
    - Instant UDID Registration (done in about one minute after payment is completed!)
    - 24/7 support, we answer all support requests within 24 hours (usually within less than 4 hours)
    - the same easy to use, no registration website, it literally takes you no more than 30 seconds to get your UDID registered on our website
    - the latest beta downloads always available on our Downloads Page, served from our own servers with fast download speed
    - the same affordable UDID Registration price as always!

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  • A look at all new features of iOS 9 Beta 2

    [ 2015-06-26 ]

    While Apple had launched the iOS 9 some time back, the second beta update of the app was released to developers only last week.

    There may not be any groundbreaking changes or great improvements from the earlier OS, but there are definitely a number of nifty changes to have been made. While some of these changes seem useful, others make very little difference to usage or performance.

    In this article, we will take a look at everything that is new in the iOS9 Beta, second release, which was not seen in the earlier releases of the OS.

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  • Here is why the Fingerprint Security is so flawed but nobody really cares

    [ 2015-06-17 ]


    In the age where big companies fight for 'innovation' supremacy, it would seem that every new idea, may it be good or bad, is being turned into a new feature.


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  • Registering device UDID allows users to upgrade to iOS 9 Beta

    [ 2015-06-17 ]

    With Apple having launched iOS9, a large number of users have tried jailbreaking their devices in order to upgrade to the latest OS. However, this is a risky procedure as Apple may shut down this loophole as it has done so many times in the past.

    Users need not jailbreak their devices as there is a very simple process involved in properly upgrading your device to the latest version of iOS. In this article, we will take a look at how to upgrade your device to iOS 9 beta, without having to jailbreak it.

    iOS 9 Beta is compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPods

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  • Upgrading to iOS 9 requires device UDID registration

    [ 2015-06-15 ]

    iOS 9 has only been recently launched, but there are already a large number of users looking to jailbreak their devices in order to upgrade to the latest software. While many users had successfully done the same with iOS 8, Apple closed off the loophole very soon and is certain to do the same for upgrading to iOS 9.

    Fortunately, users need not opt for this procedure as it is a relatively simple process to upgrade to the latest OS officially. All that needs to be done from a user’s end is to find the device UDID and then proceed to get it registered with the developer center of Apple.

    In this post, we will take a look at how simple it is to find the device UDID and get it registered so as to upgrade to and unlock all of the features of the latest version of iOS.

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  • UDID Registration is the first step to upgrade your device to iOS 9

    [ 2015-06-14 ]

    Apple launched its latest operating system, the iOS 9 for the iPad and the iPhone in June 2015. Building on all of the best features of iOS 8 and iOS 7, the latest version of the OS offers a much better functionality, better design, features and also better performance.

    iOS 9 Beta was launched in June 2015

    With a focus on proactivity and on intelligence, the biggest strength of iOS is that it is able to learn the habits of a user and use this information to provide a better and smoother experience. While iOS 8 was lauded to be one of the most advanced operating systems when it was launched, iOS 9 has only taken it further and is well positioned to offer the best of older versions and many new features as well.

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